Bike Expo, the First of It’s Kind to emerge out of Bolobedu


By Theodorah Mawasha

BOLOBEDU-The motorbike expo is the trade fair that focuses on the motorcyclist and the use of motorcycle components, accessories, and leather clothing. This motorsports activity is a rare occurrence in this part of the world, almost unheard of, however, this narrative is about to change.

Ernest Matswalela 37- a year-old from Bokhuta village, Bolobedu South, has founded the first-ever Bolobedu Bike Expo which will premiere on the 24th of October 2020, at Morutji village bike shop, ward 5.

The event has already secured a huge following and the organizers are confident it’s going to be successful.

Speaking exclusively to Tzaneen voice, the enthusiast explains “The main aim of this event is to offer support to new bikers, to give them the necessary support and learning opportunity. Moreover, we also want to create awareness and adopt a different culture in the sport as opposed to what is known and practiced throughout the biking spheres,” he said.

Many times people refer to this sport as death on wheels. The perception is that it’s a male-dominated sport and appears dangerous. However, Motorcycling is the most effective mode of transport as it gets you from one place to the other in a short space of time.

He further said, “We also want to look into the challenges bikers face on the road. To keep the biking movement going, to reach a larger audience and eventually get sponsors so that we can help charity organizations”.

The activities on the day will include teaching new bikers self-defense driving, quad bike driving will be offered free of charge to everyone regardless of age, food and drinks will be sold on-site.

“We hope for the positive feedback and have discovered it will create many good memories and leave us with a story to tell for decades to come. We have a new outlook and perspective. For anyone passionate about the sport, we recommend it. We also encourage those who would like to join the movement but do not have the resources to come forward. We will tailor and offer a suitable bike in terms of style and your capabilities,” he concluded.

Strict COVID-19 protocols will be adhered to on the day of the event and only a limited number of people will be allowed to attend.

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