Benny Mayengani ‘s Action Alliance Development Party (AADP) Struggle to make impact in the first national election bid


By Kabelo Abel Mokgalabone

POLOKWANE – In the dynamic landscape of South African politics, new parties on the block, the South African Rainbow Alliance (SARA) and the Action Alliance Development Party (AADP), are finding it challenging to make a significant impact in their first national election bid.

Led by Colleen Makhubele, SARA has positioned itself as a proponent of unity and inclusive governance. Similarly, the AADP, spearheaded by popular singer Benny Mayengani, has entered the political arena with promises of development and reform.

Despite their energetic campaigns, both parties are experiencing a slow start in the vote tally.

As of the early stages of vote counting, SARA has garnered only around 36 votes in Limpopo and a total of 535 votes nationwide, translating to a mere 0.02% of the national vote.

The AADP’s performance is slightly better but still modest, with 193 votes in Limpopo and a total of 813 votes nationally, equivalent to 0.04%.

These numbers highlight the uphill battle that new and smaller parties face in gaining a foothold in South Africa’s competitive political environment. While the enthusiasm and fresh perspectives brought by SARA and AADP have generated interest, it appears that translating this into electoral success is proving to be a significant challenge.

The leaders of both parties remain hopeful and undeterred. In her recent statements, Makhubele emphasized the importance of patience and persistence, encouraging her supporters to stay engaged and committed to their vision of a united South Africa. Mayengani, known for his charismatic appeal, continues to rally his base, urging them to see the bigger picture of long-term change.

With the final results expected to be announced on Sunday, it remains uncertain whether these fledgling parties will see an increase in their support or if they will remain stagnant.

Regardless of the outcome, their participation marks an important moment in South Africa’s democratic process, showcasing the diversity of voices and the enduring belief in the power of the vote.

As the country waits for the final tallies, the performances of SARA and AADP will be closely watched. Their journey reflects the broader challenges faced by new political entities attempting to break into an established system and underscores the importance of perseverance in the pursuit of political change.

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