Bail application for Giyani teenager involved in Sexual extortion postponed


By Staff Reporter

GIYANI- The bail application of the Giyani teenager arrested in connection with  Sexual extortion has been postponed to Monday.

The sextortion/extortion accused Matimu Ndlovu (19) on Monday, 31 July 2023 appeared in the Giyani Magistrate’s Court for a formal bail application.

A 19-year-old teenage boy was arrested at Nkomo village in Giyani last week.

Matimu Ndlovu’s arrest came after a meticulous two-week investigation into the sextortion scheme that had been targeting vulnerable individuals.

According to the reports, Ndlovu assumed a false identity as a white female named ‘Lorraine Du Preez’ on the social media platform Instagram.

Under this guise, he targeted male victims and deceitfully convinced them to share explicit content of themselves.

Once in possession of such content, he resorted to extortion tactics, threatening to disclose the explicit material to their friends and family unless they paid significant sums of money.

Royal investigation working in collaboration with the Giyani Police traced the suspect to Nkomo Village in Giyani, where he was successfully arrested.

During the search of his residence, the police seized a cell phone used in the commission of these crimes.

Police say this case is not an isolated incident, they are aware of the prevalence of extortionist activities in the Giyani area.

This arrest marks the third apprehension within a short period, underscoring the need for increased vigilance against these criminal practices.

Ndlovu’s case has been postponed until August 07, 2023, for further bail application hearings.

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