Baboon terrorising Pharare residents killed


By Theodorah Waga Mawasha

PHARARE VILLAGE-A Baboon said to have been terrorizing Pharare residents In Greater Tzaneen was killed and burned by Community.

A baboon is alleged to have been seen coming out of one of the houses that triggered the residents to chase it.

According to a community member, the residents were mobilized immediately after spotting the baboon coming from the house.

The baboon was cornered after about an hour’s chase on Friday, July 01 at about 11:00. People were running in all directions while others gave chase to the wild and terrified animal

It is said the baboon got tired of running and seemed to want to attack so that it can escape, it was chased further, cornered by a bunch of people and killed it.

The residents of Pharare were seen in a video celebrating the killing, they allegedly killed it and proceeded to cut it open on the stomach.

Baboons are said to be a rare find and seldom seen in those parts. Because of this reason, the residents suspected witchcraft and went for the kill.

The animal was ultimately burnt to ashes. something that the law is opposing.

According to Umoya Khulula Wildlife rehabilitation centre all animals are protected under the Animals Protection Act No. 71 of 1962. The community of Pharare should not have taken the law into their own hands but rather allowed the correct authorities to handle the situation.

“We as South Africans must protect and conserve the nature and the animals for future generations, if there is an animal that makes people uncomfortable, they can call the nearest Department of Environment”

And to make comparisons with witchcraft is just unfair because animals also have the right of living like all of us” Wynand Dejager said

The Department can be reached on 015 3071195 or 0766719302

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