Ba-Phalaborwa Municipality Condemns Violent Protests


BA-PHALABORWA- The spokesperson of Ba-Phalaborwa Municipality, Jonas Mahesu issued a statement condemning violent protests between Ba-Phalaborwa Community Forum (BCF) and Local Unemployment Forums (LUF).
According to the statement, the political leadership of this Municipality condemns the current violent and destructive protests which surfaced over the past few days in the strongest terms.

It further states that these unfortunate activities resulted in the hospitalisation of other citizens with serious injuries inflicted on them; damage to properties and emotional stress.

However, It is rumoured that these violent protests are a coordinated effort by a selected few individuals with personal intentions and interests.

Mahesu mentioned in the statement that the Municipality remains committed to the intervention process that has been initiated in an attempt to resolve the conflict existing amongst the stakeholders.

Moreover, the statement indicated that they further appeal for calm and cool heads in dealing with these sensitive matters by all affected stakeholders.

However, those who insist on breaking the law and inciting violence should expect the police and the prosecuting authorities to enforce the law without any fear or favour.

In the statement, it is mentioned that the reality is that no good can come from these violent activities and disruptions as it will harm peace and stability. “We are faced with a serious challenge of recovering from the disaster caused by COVID 19. Hence, adherence to social distancing and putting on of masks remains paramount,” the statement states.

The statement concluded by further appealing to law-abiding citizens to cooperate and work together with the South African Police Service in maintaining order and discipline. Hence, every official protest should be guided by the relevant legislative framework which further respects the rights of other citizens.

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