Ba-Phalaborwa Community in Turmoil Following a rape Case of a Bangladesh National


By Staff Writer

NAMAKGALE-The 36-year-old Bangladesh National who allegedly raped a 10-year-old girl last Sunday in Namakgale Zone B appeared before the Namakgale Magistrate Court on Friday, May 13.

The case had been postponed to Tuesday, May 17 to allow him sufficient time to get a Bangladesh interpreter. “I detected that there’s a language barrier for my client. He requested that we get him a Bangladesh interpreter” says advocate Mokgalaka, his legal representative.

Before his appearance in court, protesters had gathered outside the courthouse, shouting and chanting for the accused not to be granted bail. The placard-carrying crowd started their march from the local streets before reaching the court.

The protesters had called community members to stop buying from shops owned by Bangladesh nationals until the case is resolved.

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