AVBOB Programs Used to Defruad Stokvel Women their Monies

By Thabo Monyela 
BOLOBEDU SOUTH – Women from Relela, Moleketla and Marironi villages entered into an informal credit union agreement, to contribute groceries and monies when one of their members lost a family member to assist with the funeral arrangements.
It is alleged that Nthabiseng Rabothata, hailing in Relela village zone G , was involved in seven stokvel schemes that has more than 50 participants. She defrauded them an amount of R43 000 and items of groceries by faking two deaths of her relatives through alleged Avbob fake programs.
A reliable source confirmed to Tzaneen voice, that she first faked the death of her relative in June 2020, who was staying in Boroka and the second faked death came in October 2020.
“She reported two death of her relatives I. A period of four months and we gave her the total amount of R43 000, 23 of 2 liter cooking oils ” said the stockvel the member of the stokvel, who preferred to be anonymous in order to avoid victimization.
She further stated that the suspect used their money to buy luxurious furniture including two beds, two wardrobes, coaches, fridge and a washing machine .
“Out of the money we gave her, she only paid back R500 and eight of 2 litre cooking oils, she then told us that she doesn’t have money anymore,” anonymous added.
The suspect of fraud was reported to the members of the stokvel by her close friend after they had a fight and was further alleged that one of the persons who was claimed to have died, was seen in her home during the festive holidays.
Upon hearing this, the angry women of the seven stokvel schemes raided her home in Relela village on Saturday, January 02 to confront her. The members then took her to Relela satellite police to report the matter. The stokvel members also went to Avbob funeral services to enquire about the reported deceased, the Avbob Tzaneen branch manager, Wikus Esterhuizen confirmed to the members of the stokvel that they never buried the people who are reported to have died and declared the funeral programs fake.
” I can assure that the faked programs are not designed by us and I as the manager am responsible for creating and designing of programs,” said Esterhuizen.
The Avbob manager further condemned such fraudulent activity in their name and are intending to report whoever is responsible for this fraud to the legal authorities.
It is alleged that ,the suspect admitted before the members of the stokvel and the Relela police that she has faked deaths and used faked Avbob funeral programs.
The Relela police satellite, referred the members of the stokvel to Bolobedu Magistrate court in order to get a sheriff to attach the assets that equals the money she defrauded from these seven stokvels. In time of publishing, the members of the stokvel have not yet returned from the Bolobedu Magistrate for a Sheriff.
The angry women wants the fraud suspect to pay them their monies back, even if it means selling her furniture.  “All we want is our monies and this shameless and greedy fraudster must never be part of our stokvel again ” angry member said.
The fraudster told the members that she would rather goes to jail than giving away her furniture.
This kind of fraud is not new at these 7 Stokvel Schemes, in November 2020 another woman from Moleketla village fake a death of her Aunt using an Avbob program and defrauded the members of the stokvel an amount of R7 000 and groceries. We were informed that she managed to pay back all the contributions she received.
“On top of the two members, we have another member of the stokvel who faked death and we contributed her an amount of R6 000, however she has already paid back only R2000” an insider told Tzaneen voice.
She further told said, that every member who has been accused of faking death to rob them money will be distanced from the stokvel.

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