Armed robbery Suspect arrested after robbing Kgapane Man 10k


By Theodorah Waga Mawasha

KGAPANE-The police in Bolobedu have this morning arrested a suspect for armed robbery after he allegedly robbed a local man 10k in Kgapane.

The victim who is believed to be around the ages of 25 to 30, got a lift from the man. It is alleged that along the way he pointed a firearm at the victim and demanded that he open the bag that was in the car.

Allegedly, that is when the suspect took the money and a cellphone and proceeded to order the victim out of the car and drove off.

It is reported that after the ordeal, the victim managed to alert the police who acted swiftly after getting the description of the car. The vehicle was spotted in Mesopotamia in Kgapane and the police fired shots in the air to get the attention of the suspect.

He was arrested on the spot and detained at Bolobedu SAPS.

Bolobedu police communication officer Khomotso Hlokwe confirmed the incident.

“We have opened a case of armed robbery. The suspect is arrested and is in police custody. He will appear in court soon”, Hlokwe confirmed.

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