Accommodation Shortage leaves students Stranded Outside TUT Polokwane Campus


By Staff Reporter

POLOKWANE- Scores of students at the TUT Polokwane campus have been left stranded as accommodation shortage at the university has arisen.

It is reported that the students were accommodated at another residential facility since March until they were told that the accommodation facility is not approved by NFSAS and that they must find another accommodation.

They are now homeless and stranded even though they are being funded by NSFAS.

Most students are not from Polokwane and do not have the funds to go home or find alternate accommodation.

Picture Supplied: Student standing outside TUT Polokwane Campus

According to the TUT Student Representative Council (SRC), there is not enough accommodation available to accommodate the number of students accepted to study this year.

Speaking to our sister newspaper Polokwane Weekly the 96 students who are camping outside are appealing to the university management to find them alternative accommodation tonight.

“It is cold outside and some of us are writing tomorrow, we need help can someone come and help us because we are not feeling safe here,” one female student said

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