Acclaimed Lephepane Born Author On Discovering His Purpose Through Writing


By Agreement Mabunda

LEPHEPANE – Meet Journalist and an author, Hosea Ramphekwa, who was born and bred in Lephepane Village, in Greater Tzaneen.

In his own words, he says he grew up in a loving family that supported each other, no sibling rivalry, everything was ordinary.

“I grew up in a loving family that provided and created environment for my gifts and talents to thrive. My parents raised my five siblings and I well in a household where we loved and protected one another”, he said.

At the point when Hosea was doing matric, he had aspiration to write a book. The desire stayed w him till he arrived at a point where he had the option to write.

“The writing of books for me is inspired first and foremost the fact that God has entrusted me with a talent”.

Writing has always been a way of life to him

“I use my talent to drive home a message of hope to the masses of South African and the world, who live in environments where they are deprived of opportunities, either by circumstances or design to be the best version of themselves”, says Hosea.

He wrote his first book named Gifted & Hunted and Haunted when he was 28 years age and it was published in 2013. The book that he described that it was birthed out of pain and passion.

According to Hosea the book examines the lives of gifted people with the spotlight on how people that are highly talented get to be stalked and stalled by all sorts of trouble.

“In the book I discuss and decipher the deeds that do damage to the lives of gifted people. I discuss and analyse the challenges and I also offer solutions”; he says.

Since Hosea was a kid, he has always liked to jot down things. Writing has always been a way of life to him. In 2006, that is where took writing seriously when he became a journalist.

Under the strongest influence of many people, they made significant contribution to his personal development and career growth and he also learned a lot from other people through observation and reading.

Thus far, Hosea has written three books – Gifted, Hunted and Haunted (2013), Wait to Be Seated (2017), and A Yellow bone With A Blackheart (2020). All these books are very close to his heart, they all represent a part in him and reveal his complexities;” he says.

 He wrote his first book Gifted, Hunted and Haunted in 2013

In the journey of writing, Hosea says there is time where a writer gets discouraged. He describes it as a place where self-doubt hits you hard. How you handle that phase is very critical to the survival of whatever you are working on. Therefore, he just let it be and remain true to his plan and not his feelings.

Growing up, Hosea wanted to be a soldier as he was a courageous child. He had the dream of becoming a soldier for a while but as he grew up, he realized that there are certain things that he can do.

“I just needed to translate my bravery into other things”, says Hosea.

Despite that he has won awards, Hosea is most proud that he has found himself.

“I am proud of the fact that I have managed to discover who I am and why am I on this earth. No greater feeling than finding your purpose,” he said.

“For anyone trying to push their talents or hustle, be it career or business, I say, set higher goals, detest mediocrity and work hard at whatever you want to do every day. Pursue your goals relentlessly, expect no favours and don’t dare lose hope”.


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