A Young Woman Suspected to have been Drugged and Raped at a Party 

TZANEEN- A 23-year-old woman was allegedly raped on Friday,  October 23 after attending a party at one of the residential complexes in Tzaneen
According to  the police report,
the victim alleges that she attended a party at the complex accompanied by a male companion. They partied until late in the evening as they were busy having drinks. At around 22:00 she started feeling intoxicated and dizzy then she decided to sit on one of the couches in the house with her male companion, who it is alleged, was also feeling dizzy.
The report further mentioned that was the last thing the victim remembers as she woke up the next day with her companion in the same bed.
However, she was fully dressed. She later discovered she had been sexually assaulted when she went to the bathroom. This is when she started realizing she might have been drugged and raped while she passed out.
The matter was then reported to the police in Tzaneen and investigations are underway. The report also states that the culprit is unknown. The police said they cannot rule out the possibility that this might have been a gang rape. Anyone who might have information that can assist the police can contact Captain Baloyi on 0823199675

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