A Sigh Of Relief As Wanted Suspect Get Nabbed

LULEKANI– A 21-year-old, Promise Nkuna was finally nabbed and sent to jail by the Lulekani police officers on January 16.
It is alleged that on January 15, the suspect stabbed a 19-year- old Elvis Mashimbye with a sharp object and fled the scene at Kurhula section in Lulekani.
The police got a tip-off, when they arrived they found a lifeless body of Mashimbye lying on the ground.
According to the police report, investigations took place and it was discovered that the deceased was with the suspect when an eruptive argument took place and the suspect took out an object and stabbed the deceased on the chest adjacent to the heart until he passed out. The body was conveyed by the Maphuta Malatji Hospital mortuary and forensic pathologist for an autopsy to disclose the cause of his death.
The report further states that Nkuna has been on the run.
“The tireless effort by the police gave the young man no choice but to surrender himself and got detained by the police.” the report states.
He appeared in Lulekani Magistrate Court on January 18, he is awaiting his trial on January 23.

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