A Security Officer Shot and Killed his Girlfriend with a Service Pistol 

BELLEVUE- The police in Bolobedu are investigating a case of murder after a security officer allegedly killed his girlfriend on January 31 at Bellevue village in Bolobedu.
The woman’s body was discovered on Monday, February 01, by her two children, who were alarmed when their mother did not return home after leaving with the suspect the previous night.
According to police reports, suspicion of the children led to the gruesome discovery on that fateful morning. It is alleged the children woke up and realized that their mother was still not back. They then decided to conduct their search.
The statement further stated that, as they left the house, to go and check at a stall where the victim was selling on the street not far from their home, they found their mother’s lifeless body lying there with a bullet wound on the narrow gravel road.
The eldest child ran to the nearest police station to alert police, who responded swiftly. On arrival at the scene, the police and medical personnel declared the victim dead.
The suspect is still on the run. The Bolobedu police report indicates that the on-duty security officer reported for work late in the afternoon around 17:00 on Sunday, January 31. Allegedly, upon arrival at work, he proceeded to hire a service pistol. He immediately left after getting the gun and went to the house they shared with the victim and her children from a previous marriage. That is when they had had a brief talk and left together.
Colonel Molokwane of Bolobedu police station requested the community at large to share information that can lead to the arrest of the perpetrator. “we are appealing to the community to report any suspicious activity and help us find the suspect of these nefarious deeds. Our telephone lines are always open. Call us, we have arranged counseling for the children and the family of the victim so that they can be able to cope with the trauma” he said.
Anyone with information that can lead to the arrest of the suspect, may contact Colonel Molokwane on 082565845 or call the toll free hotline number on 0800010111

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