A 20 year old man arrested after found red handed, raping a goat in Bolobedu


By Staff Reporter

GA-SEAPHOLE-A 20 year old man arrested for allegedly raping a goat at Ga-Seaphole in Mokwakwaila policing area on Monday 01 January 2024.

According to the police reports at this stage, it is alleged that on the above mentioned date at about 03h00 the complainant was from his friend’s place together with his wife.

Upon arrival at home his wife entered in the house first and cought the suspect naked and having sexual intercourse with the goat.

She went out and called the complainant to come and witness what was happening. The complainant entered in the room of the RDP house and found the suspect busy having sexual intercourse with the goat. He then screamed for help.

The community members heard the noise and went to assist.

The suspect was apprehended and the Police were summoned to the scene.

The suspect was arrested and detained in the lawful custody.

The suspect is expected to appear in court.

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