9-year-old girl Dies After Touching Illegal Electricity Connection in Burgersdorp


By Staff Reporter

BURGERSDORP – A nine-year-old girl tragically died on Saturday morning after being electrocuted by an illegal electricity connection while playing with friends.

According to initial reports, the young girl unknowingly touched an exposed illegal connection cable during playtime, resulting in her fatal electrocution. The devastating event has prompted immediate action from Eskom personnel and South African Police Service (SAPS) members, who are currently in the area to identify and disconnect such hazardous connections.

This is not the first incident of its kind in Burgersdorp. In 2020, a four-year-old boy also died from electrocution due to an illegal connection.

The community of Burgersdorp is now demanding swift and decisive action from authorities. Residents are calling for stringent enforcement against individuals responsible for illegal connections, highlighting the ongoing risks to children and other vulnerable members of the community.

Tragic Death of 9-Year-Old in Burgersdorp Due to Illegal Electricity Connection

BURGERSDORP – In a heartbreaking incident, a nine-year-old girl lost her life on Saturday morning after being electrocuted by an illegal electricity connection while playing with friends. The tragedy has left the Burgersdorp community in shock and mourning, reigniting calls for stricter measures against illegal electrical connections.

This tragic occurrence is not isolated; the community has a history of similar incidents. In 2004, a four-year-old boy also lost his life due to electrocution from illegal connections in the same area. The recurrent nature of these accidents underscores the persistent dangers posed by unauthorized electrical setups.

Local leaders and community members have expressed their grief and anger, urging Eskom and law enforcement agencies to intensify efforts in preventing such tragedies. The recent death has galvanized the community, with many advocating for educational campaigns on the dangers of illegal electricity connections and stricter penalties for offenders.

As the investigation continues, the focus remains on ensuring the safety of the Burgersdorp residents and preventing further loss of life. The tragic death of the young girl serves as a poignant reminder of the severe consequences of illegal electrical connections and the urgent need for comprehensive solutions to address this critical issue.

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