8 rooms house burns down to the ground in Ga-Sekororo


By Staff Reporter

MOSHATE VILLAGE-Selane family lost everything to a fire on Friday, April 14 midday.

Fires destroyed an 8-room house which consisted of bedrooms, a kitchen, a dining room, a lounge and their belongings at Moshate Village Ga Sekororo Maruleng Municipality Ward 14.

Items such as electric appliances, furniture, and important documents were all burnt down to ashes.

Neighbours managed to extinguish the fire and they were later joined by fire-fighters from Mopani district Municipality stationed in Maruleng Municipality in Hoedspruit.

The cause of the fire is clear but suspected that it was caused by a hot plate that was left unattended, which catches fire in one of the tenants.

The traumatised family is left with only clothes that they are wearing and have no place to stay.

Even the firefighters who had been called to the scene were puzzled.

One of the neighbours said the fires have begun in 1 room and escalated into another 3 rooms.

She said that after a stove catches fire, the fire raged through a room and burnt down the fridge, which exploded, consuming clothes, and the roof and then escalated to other rooms through the rooftop and the ceiling.

Neighbours managed to break the security door and remove household items in other rooms.

No Injuries or fatalities were reported.

Anyone willing to donate food, clothes etc can contact ward Cllr Shai TI on 079 033 4776.

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