Bring your entire EPL season to life with a multi bet that could pay R2.5 million on just R100!


Bring your entire EPL season to life with a multi bet that could pay R2.5 million on just R100!

The English Premier League is now underway and the bookies have Man City as firm favourites to take the league. We thought we would build a multi-bet for those who want the chance at a massive payout on a small stake. This acco bet can potentially turn a R100 bet into R2.5 million. The best part is that every pick is the odd-on favourite in the category, so statistically the odds are literally in your favour! Let’s get into it!

Let’s start with the obvious and most straight forward. Manchester City to win the league. At 0.57 favourites and the dominant force over the last few years it is an open secret that Man City are the clear pick for the season. Liverpool would love a shot, but bookies only have them at 2.35 making them pre-season outsiders. Our first bet is a no-brainer to start with.

The second pick is Fulham FC to be the best promoted team. This one will be a touch tighter at 1.20 vs Nottingham Forest following behind at 1.40. A nervous punter could cover this by taking a variation on this multi with Nottingham as the alternate.

Thirdly, we look to pick the bottom finisher in the league. AFC Bournemouth to finish bottom is a pretty strong bet at 1.80, with nobody close enough to warrant an alternate on this one.

The fourth leg in this multi is a straight forecast for 1 and 2. Manchester City and Liverpool FC to finish 1st and 2nd respectively. We have already discussed Man City as the favourites but Liverpool are looking strong too. This 1/2 scenario seems extremely likely, with the reverse being the next likely.

The 5th pick has Erling Haaland to finish as the top goal scorer over the league season. Man City have paid big to land the Norwegian, and for good reason. His strength and power made him a massive force for Borussia Dortmund and there is no reason to believe that he will not flourish in his new blue and white uniform.

The 6th, 7th and 8th picks are all built on club areas. For these we have Tottenham Hotspur as the top London-based club, Leicester City to be the top Midlands club and Manchester City to be the top North West club. Tottenham will have to fight to beat out Chelsea, so there is room for an alternate on this one and Aston Villa would love to have a say against Leicester. Whether you hedge and place an alternate or not these picks make for some exciting mid-table clashes.

The 9th pick has Manchester City to score the most goals in the league. The logic is sound and the odds reflect this. With strong forwards and an attacking mindset it this bet looks like a fairly straightforward one. In a similar vein the 10th leg has AFC Bournemouth to score the least goals in the season.

The final 2 pieces in this multi look at the positions of the clubs on Christmas Day and there is little to suggest that the top and bottom will be any different at this stage. Manchester City to be on top on Christmas Day and AFC Bournemouth to be bottom on Christmas Day are the two picks that close our this massive 12 leg accumulator bet.

Betfred give bonus odds on multi-bets, with a 7% multiplier on this particular combination. With a R100 stake this multi will pay out the maximum threshold of R2 500 000. You can guarantee that these 12 bets will make for a remarkably exciting season, with every encounter meaning something and you just might walk away a millionaire for less than the price of a meal at your favourite restaurant.

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