26-year-old male suspect arrested for killing 7 months baby



GIYANI– The police in Giyani have made a breakthrough by arresting a suspect who killed a 7 months old baby at Thomo village in Giyani .

It is alleged that on Monday 02 November 2020 the suspect had a quarrel with his neighbours about their kids. Then at that stage, the suspect went to his neighbour and started fighting with the mother and the sister of the baby physically.

During the fight, the suspect went back to his home and fetch the pick handle, thereafter he went back to his neighbour to continue with the fight. That is when the suspect used the pick handle to assault the mother of the victim, unfortunately, the female victim was carrying the baby. The suspect assaulted the toddler accidentally.

The baby was taken to Nkhensani hospital for medical treatment and later transferred to Letaba hospital where she lost her life. The case docket of assault gross bodily harm was registered at Giyani and later changed to murder.

The suspect was arrested today on Tuesday 04 November 2010 and he will appear before Giyani magistrate court on Thursday 05 November 2020 facing murder Case

The Police Investigations are continuing

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