25 Political Parties Challenge IEC Over Election Results


By Staff Reporter

MIDRAND-In a dramatic turn of events, 25 political parties have mobilized their legal representatives to prevent the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) from announcing the election results today.

This coalition, which includes a diverse array of parties such as the ACC, ACP, ACT, ACDP, SUN, COPE, UDM, Xiluva, AADP, PA, CIASA, PMC, AHC, AMC, ARA, UAT, AM4C, APC, Al-Jamah, SARA, MK, UIM, SARKO, ATM, and OHM, is calling for the IEC to address alleged irregularities before any official results are released.

The parties have raised concerns about the integrity of the electoral process, citing potential discrepancies and procedural issues that they argue could compromise the validity of the results.

These alleged irregularities have sparked a unified response from a wide spectrum of the political landscape, from established parties to newer entrants.

A letter that was sent by Sandton based legal firm Burochowitz Attorneys stated the need for transparency and accountability in the electoral process, stating, “We cannot allow the election results to be announced without addressing the serious concerns we have raised. The integrity of our democracy is at stake, and we demand a thorough investigation into these irregularities.”

The IEC has yet to respond to these demands publicly, but the pressure from such a large and varied group of political entities is significant.

The commission will need to navigate this challenge carefully to maintain public trust in the electoral process.

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