Over 24 homes destroyed by veld fires in Phalaborwa


By Staff Reporter

PHALABORWA-Over 24 homesteads were burned down and an unconfirmed number of people were injured as runaway veld fires swept Phalaborwa town on Saturday afternoon.

The fire raged through the Phalaborwa townhouses and made its way through Spekboom Street burning down one after another.

According to the reports It started with a field fire.

The town’s residents are all working on preventing further disaster as the homes around the area have mostly thatched roof lapas and are directly in the firing line.

The old Sullwald family home turned guesthouse (Elegance Guesthouse) was the first of the casualties.

The entire koppie (Kopolwe Koppie) near Zorba is completely burnt and the fire has now made its way towards the four-way intersection at Namakgale.

No reports or official statements from Ba-Phalaborwa municipality

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