16 Days Of Activism Against Women and Children Was Observed During a Campaign

By Thabo Monyela 
RELELA VILLAGE- Since the inception of the nation lockdown due to Coronavirus, the country didn’t report the prevalence of the virus only but also the rise of domestic violence especially to women.
A nonprofit organization, Limpopo mental health society on Wednesday, December 9, held a campaign of 16 days of activism of no violence against women and children at Relela community hall.
 The Limpopo mental health society consists of qualified Social workers who deal with mental problems, depression, anxiety, and other mental health-related issues.
Limpopo mental health society has deployed its social workers to various areas around Tzaneen such as Bolobedu south villages,muhlava, Petanenge with a strong intention of addressing the domestic abuses that both women and children are currently experiencing.
“We aimed at going around the communities of Tzaneen during this festive season, teaching the society about GBV issues ” kgomotso Mohlabina, Limpopo mental health society social worker said.
She further said the only possible way to address Gender-based violence is for men to hold men’s forums where they would confide to each other about their family issues and come up with strategies on how to address them.
“The Police and  Social Workers should brace themselves and be hard at work to flatten the gender-based violence In our communities ” she mentioned. Kate Mokwakwa, ward 8 committees, and CPF Secretary said
“We are very much happy to have Limpopo mental health society to assist us in addressing this demonic activity(domestic violence) happening at our homes”
She further encouraged people to report matters related to GBV to police stations, clinics, and the local leaders.
For any mental health issues and domestic-related abuses, people are encouraged to visit Limpopo Mental health society at 22 peace street or contact 015 307 4732.

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