12-Month Child burned to death in Phalaborwa


By Staff Reporter

LULEKANI-A 12-month-old child burnt to death in Lulekani – Matshamahinkanu, Ba-Phalaborwa Municipality on Tuesday.

The helper, went to the fireplace outside the house since there’s cold weather in the area, leaving the child with another grown-up child in the house.

It is alleged that the grown-up child used a match to set light to a paper and the house caught fire. When the house started burning, the grown-up child ran away leaving an infant in the house.

The child burnt to death in the house. When Lulekani Police, Paramedics and Fire Fighters arrived in the scene, the child was already dead.

Ba-Phalaborwa fire and Rescue

The mother of the child, Fortunate Mdluli, who is a nurse at Humulani Clinic, left her 12-month-old child at the helper’s place on Tuesday, 19 October 2021 and went to Humulani Clinic where she works.

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