Mourners shocked as Hearse burns to ashes in a mystery fire at cemetery


By Staff Reporter

ACORNHOEK-Mourners were shocked when a hearse burned to ashes in a mystery fire at Wales village outside Acornhoek on Sunday morning.

It alleged that the mourners had shortly arrived at Ga-Malope cemetery to bury their loved one. Everything went according to the program but after they offloaded the coffin from the hearse it quickly caught fire in an explosive way.

The hearse burnt into ashes few seconds after they offloaded the coffin. According to mourners, they said the fire started like an explosion, within seconds the hearse burnt into ashes. The mourners were shocked and had no choice but to watch in agony when the strong flames covered the hearse.

The mourner’s believed it was the grace of God that saved the body of their loved one from the fire, it could be worse.

“The fire was meant to burn the coffin but because of the grace, it happened moment after we offloaded our loved one from the hearse.” Concludes the family member.

The video of the incident is making rounds on social media and is now the talk of the village.

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