10 minibus taxi convoy full of undocumented children, women and males from Zimbabwe intercepted by police in Polokwane


By Agreement Mabunda

POLOKWANE. The Limpopo Provincial Tracking Team intercepted a convoy of motor vehicles which were travelling from Zimbabwe and heading to Polokwane with over 100 undocumented foreign nationals on Thursday,  07 December 2023 at around 18:30.

The motor vehicles were allegedly loaded with a total number of one hundred and thirty-three (133) undocumented children, women and males.

The Police operationalized on the information received and managed to locate eleven motor vehicles travelling along the N1 North bypass Gateway outside Polokwane.

The vehicles were tactically approached, stopped and searched and found to be overloaded with 73 underage children between six months and seventeen years including 60 adults.

The passengers could not provide legal documentation for being in the country and were placed under arrest on the spot. Most of the passengers could not establish where they were going and were suspected to be victims of human trafficking.

Police also seized eight (8) Toyota Quantums, two (2) Toyota Hilux GD6 Double Cab bakkies with Canopys and one Toyota Fortuner.

The Police and other stakeholders comprising the Department of Home Affairs and Social Development have been summoned to process the undocumented foreign nationals and suspected victims of human trafficking.

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